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5 Ways To Create Architecture Proposals

Connect with others

Before you can have a design, it is important to build connections. Making connections is half the battle to win the job. This includes clients, end-users and other architects (if you are a partner), local council members, contractors and city officials. It’s important to make connections that are relevant to your project. There are a lot of people to trust. Maintaining existing connections is just as important as making new ones. Your business’s base is your repeat clients. So make sure you consistently deliver excellence to your clients and address any post-occupancy concerns they may have.

Choose the right team

Gather the right people before you can start creating an award-winning conceptual design. What does it mean to “pick the right team?” It is important to consider past collaborations and client goals when choosing your team. Let’s take, for example, the decision to hire a landscape architect firm for a new job. There are two choices: Option A: If you are familiar with a landscape design company, you could choose to use them again. They are reliable and trustworthy, even if they don’t have the latest ideas. Option B: You can work with another landscape architect firm that the client prefers. Although you have not worked with option B, you do have a positive reference from your structural engineer. Option B is also an expert in rainwater collection systems which is crucial to the client’s goal to build a living building. Are you willing to take a chance (option B) or go with the established (option A). The best choice for a smaller project, with less stakes, is to choose the unknown landscape designer (option A) that the client likes. It’s a delicate balance between showing the client that you are listening and making sure you have the right team to complete the project.

Show your design in context

It’s important to let the client know that you took the time to research the project. This may help to spark new ideas for your design. A way to demonstrate that you are familiar with the terrain, structures, and other conditions is to include your conceptual design alongside real world context. Add Location allows you to geo-locate potential sites. The program allows you to import satellite imagery in high resolution and create massing concepts. You can also perform shadow studies with climate data analysis using a tool such PreDesign. It is worth taking extra steps to show that you are aware of how topography affects building placement, pedestrian access, and views from occupants. They will be impressed by your attention to detail.

Create Remarkable visuals

Three main methods to make visual impact are: Using 3D models in rendering software to create emotive visuals; using video to tell the story; or using interactive tools such as virtual and augmented realities. Whatever your choice, you can create a distinctive visual style that makes your design stand out.

Communicate clearly your vision

Your client’s design vision is not limited to visuals. A proposal usually includes a section that is written. This section allows you to introduce your team, your values and past experience. It also outlines your project approach. According to professionals in marketing and business owners from the construction, engineering and architecture industries, we recommend writing clearly and concisely, with a client-focused approach. Although you may be able to mention the many accomplishments of your company, it is important to tell the story about the client and the benefits that your expertise can bring. You can combine text and visuals to make your message more impactful with.skp in Microsoft 365 applications, such as PowerPoint and Microsoft Word. To learn more about our Sketchup model, call us at +91 9625998225 or email You can also fill out our contact form, and we will get back to you at the earliest.